Have a Nålla!

We are a Finnish company specialising in the production, distribution and marketing of hard seltzers. The company name Nålla is pronounced as “nolla”, the Finnish word for “zero”.


Hard seltzers are a mixture of flavoured sparkling water and alcohol.  The term “hard seltzer”, however, translates awkwardly to the Finnish language.

That’s why we created Kova Sooda (“hard soda water” or “hard seltzer”), differentiating ourselves from the competition. Nålla Kova Sooda contains up to 40% fewer calories than beer, and less half the calories of cider and long drinks (ready-to-drink mixes).

Nålla Kova Sooda contains no carbs, no sugars, no gluten and no food additives or artificial flavours – and it’s fully vegan. That makes it well suited to most dietary requirements. 


We discovered the world of hard seltzers on our travels, fell in love, and wanted to make a proper Finnish hard seltzer, tailored to the Finnish palate – fresh and light, without tropical fruit essence typical to American-style seltzers.

Nålla headquarters is in Inari, standing proudly in Northern Lapland over 250km (150mi) north of the Arctic Circle. Our team spans from Utsjoki to London, and we make up a unique blend of international expertise and no-nonsense Northern spirit.

We aren’t a major brewery, but a group of friends who enjoy good food, wellbeing, friendly company and good old-fashioned fun. Neither are we a mere brand name with a slogan to be licenced around the world, but Finland’s first pure hard seltzer brand with an almost fanatical devotion to hard seltzers. Without nice red uniforms.

We hope that Nålla Kova Sooda finds its way to your hearts and minds. If you enjoy us, we love to hear from our new friends and share the journey. Look for @kovasooda on Instagram and Facebook. Kippis!


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